Key Holding  and  

Efficient Use of your Alarm

An alarm system is purely a signalling device, and is only as effective as the response to it. Where the keyholder is the client themself or a member of the client's staff, an alarm can often be left to ring for a great length of time due to the unavailability of the keyholder. This allows the criminal an excessive amount of time to achieve his aims and defeats the purpose of having an alarm system in the first place. By making use of a professional keyholding service you can now have real security without exposing either yourself or your staff to unnecessary risks.

How it Works?
In effect it is a 24 hour emergency call out service. Should your alarm activate, a signal is recieved in the monitoring centre. The controllor will then alert a radio controlled alarm in LockUp Alarm's patrol vechicle of this emergency. The driver, who already has a set of keys and site information, gives immediate priority to attending the premises. He is in a position to radio for back-up and other emergency services or simply resecure the site as appropriate. Before departing he will have completed a report form, the original of which remains on the premises. If necessary printouts can be provided showing details of the last 150 events in the log of the alarm system.

Where does it Work?
The keyholding service is specifically designed to meet the requirments of a residential or commericial premises. Apart from false alarms - burglary, personal attack, fire and flood are just some of the hazards that await a keyholder in an alarm situation. Day workers being called out during business hours are ill-equipped to handle whatever may await them. The professional keyholding service means that specialists are tackling your security problems as they happen.

LockUp Alarms Ltd. 24hr service
Owners of business premises are required by the Gardai to appoint an official keyholder, and notify the local Garda Station of their name, address & telephone number. A keyholder's function is to attend the premises in the event of an alarm activation, provide access to the Gardai ot other emergency services. Traditionally this person has been the proprietor of the premises or a member of the proprietor's staff. Apart from the inconvenience, it is reasonable to assume that a person called out at night is not at his or her best the next working day. In today's world it is neither safe nor sensible for a person untrained and without communication facilities to put themselves at risk. A professional keyholding service can now be put in place very economically to provide the client with complete peace of mind.

Lock Up Alarms uses a registered keyholding contractor in accordance with PSA standards