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Introducing our Mobile CCTV Unit! It can be deployed at Festivals, Sports Events, Community Events, Triathlons, Cycle Races and so much more. The unit comes complete with 2 PTZ(Pan, Tilt and Zoom) Dome Cameras which are mounted on a boom which can extend up tp 30 feet. It has 8 fixed vari focal dome cameras mounted on the CCTV Unit itself. It has a Sound System and Presentation Platform, ideal for Award Ceremonies and Announcement of Results or Scores etc. 

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The first images you see is the Mobile CCTV Unit being used at an inter county GAA match where we monitored all supporters and marshals for the day. While the match was taking place all the entry and exits points were monitored. With the 10 metre tower, we were able to get a birds eye view of all the public area no matter how crowed they were. 

The next Image is of the unit being used to monitor a site as temporary security. With 6 fixed cameras and 2 full functions(PTZ) the operator has 360 degree viewing capability. On this occasion We also set up a car registration plate camera with Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR) software to monitor all vehicles entering the site.

Mobile CCTV unit in action 

ILEO Lockup Alarms 29th June 2012 001

Here the unit is seen being used as a mini stage for the launch of a local community festival. With the side doors open and the built in PA(Public Address) system, the unit was an instant solution to providing a platform, sound system and shelter on a typical wet day.
Bernie Mc Gauran showing Minister Phil Hogan and TD Tony Mc Loughlin how the unit works. 

 Mobile CCTV at workCCTV in all weather

The unit being set up to cover a festival, with the mast being moved in to the perfect position.

Sligo Rovers used the unit at the Showgrounds for a Europa League Match where CCTV was essential.

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The Unit was recently used at the Lisadell Home and Garden show to monitor acitivity throughout the grounds of the House.