Alarms Systems Monitoring    

Efficient Use of your Alarm

Bells and Sirens alone can no longer guarantee a response to your alarm system. Monitoring brings your alarm system to life, linking directly to the control station, with controllers on standby ready to respond to the signalled emergency. Only those who have been victims of a break-in or personal attack will fully understand the hopeless feeling of devastation and loss that ensues. While it is impossible to prevent an attempted break-in, the immediate response that monitoring provides, dramatically minimises the potential risk of loss and damage to your property.

How It Works
1. An alarm system activates and a signal is sent to the central monitoring station.
2. The monitoring station recieves a signal and the customers details automatically flash on the screen within seconds.
3. The method of signalling automaticaly tells the controller the nature of the alarm i.e. burglary, fire, personal attack, etc.
4. To eliminate false alarms the controller may telephone your premises. Should an incorrect passcode be given or no reply recieved, it will be treated as an emergency.
5. A controller immediately acts on your behalf notifying the Gardai, keyholders and other relevant emergency services.
6. All information in respect of the activation and subsequent actions taken are recorded on a real time basis. This information can be recalled at any time.

In excess of 70% of premises that are broken into don't have a monitoring service.
An immediate response reduces the risk of loss, damage and personal injury. A monitored alarm system means LockUp Alarms Ltd. is working for you 24 hours a day.
The people behind our monitoring service are reliable security-conscious personnel with the necessary training and experience.
A sophisticated communications system and the necessary back-up facilities give them the confidence to set about fulfilling their duties in a professional manner